About Us

Know Little About us:

We started LogiClump with a simple goal, to fulfill the need of hour, in an effective and simplest way. We are adopting new technologies day by day to ensure the best productivity and performance.

Our main focus is on developing mobile application and softwares. Along with this we are focusing on our internship program, by which we can train freshers to adopt and learn new technologies. Currently we focusing on the creation of our own products that can reach in the market to a large audience and can serve them according their need.

We have the experienced people from the industry with us and they are working to enlarge our vision and achieve certain goals. At our place we try to build an healthy work environment and manage to have best employee management attire.

Our Skills

User Interface Design
Branding & Promotion
Project Managment
Project Delivery


With our innovative ideas and creative thinking we want to meet every goal that can help a client to enhance their services and productivity in an effective and prosperous way. We don't want to achieve a goal but we want to set a new standard in the market that can lead everyone to achieve certain goals. Setting new standard can help the others to have an eye on your achieved target. It will help them to light a fire in their self to enhance their capability and they can push their efforts towards their own standards in there life.

To combine our unique infrastructure and technological capabilities with the expertise and knowledge of our employees to not only successfully design, develop and implement projects of any size but also to augment product development efficiency and responsiveness.

Our integrity is the core of our relationships with our clients, which encourages clients to entrust us with their vision. If you decide that you'd like to move in a new direction with your business you can rely on a variety of existing solutions that LogiClump currently offers or have us develop new solutions personalized just for your business. LogiClump allows you to do exactly what you want, whenever you want, and however you want. Constant innovation is a source of pride at LogiClump as we work to ensure that we are at least two steps ahead of what others think is “cutting edge.”