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Web Development

Leading Website Designer and Developer in India It's an art of shaping your dreams into an authoritative design or website that will serve as a bridge between your business objectives and your target audience. It conveys your true moral and ethical values and thoughts that revolve around your entire business prodigy. At LogiClump, we acknowledge that every single website, be it static or dynamic, responsive or an e-commerce, how crucial it is to design and develop it in the most interactive and efficient corporate website for your business. We are certainly the trusted partners you have been waiting for website designing and development, as we have achieved this proficiently, over and over, time and again.

Last year, we saw tremendous innovations in the web design trends 2017 that survived exceptionally well over the internet. The visual landscape for the web designers on the new year was all similar to the previous years’ latest trends in web design and development. Previously, every single website design focused on providing exceptional user experience and as a result, accepted by the users completely. The latest web design trends 2017 that will prevail this year are just the refinement of the previous designs that have been dominating the web for past some years. These have always remained the most important factors to consider in the web designing practices. As there have been some major technological advancements in the last year, here is a round up of the most prominent elements that still hold utmost importance in the website designing trends.




Flat and material design are two different latest web design trends 2017. The former, at one hand, reduces the loading time of the web pages drastically. One outstanding benefit of using flat designs is that they look equally engaging on both low-resolution as well as high-resolution screens. Material design, on the other hand, is an improved version of flat design. It gives stress on subtle detailing such as animations, layers, shades, etc. Navigation becomes much easier with the use of material design. Material design is intuitive that is easy to understand and use as well.


Being a frontend framework, Bootstrap has remained one important element to be considered by the developers. As a framework, it helps in the development of the responsive projects over the web that guarantees for its access on a wide number of platforms.

The best news for developers on working over this platform is that websites as well as related applications can easily be scaled with a single code base, right from the phones to the tablets and to the desktops also. All it needs is the CSS media queries for scaling the web elements.


Responsive website design trend is a technique that has been developed recently. It helps web developers to create pages that can easily be accessed on any of the platforms irrespective of the device size. The feature of responsiveness is being proficiently analyzed using an online responsive checker tool that is quite easy to use.

The increased use of smartphones has played a major role in the overall popularity of the responsive design. To make elements load well over any of the digital platforms, responsiveness has been playing a prominent role. Thus, being responsiveness in the action, it just gets much easier for the developers to create pages to make them accessible on any device. This device-agnostic element offers easy opportunities for developers to optimize images for large as well as small screens.


With more and more designers paying greater attention to UX/UI designs, there is a greater opportunity for developers to include the benefits of the latest website design trend 2017. UI design, being a part of overall UX, offers the techniques to provide better experience to the users browsing through the websites. Greater and better experience to the users while browsing the websites has always remained a pivotal point for the developers. Including this current website design trend, users can easily be leveraged with extended website browsing experience.